Digital Archaeology




Bartosz Kluz



Paweł Stencel

When it comes to underwater archaeology we can proudly say that we have one of most experienced team in Europe. Digital Archaeology conducts different kinds of research in lakes, rivers as well as beneath the sea. The poor visibility and low temperatures are not an issue for us. In all those strict conditions we can search, excavate and preform documentation on archaeological remains. Just like in the case of a typical field survey we can offer to run a full scale underwater research or support scientific institutions in any kind of underwater activity. Digital Archaeology also provides scientific supervision on hydro technical projects to protect underwater cultural heritage.



Commercial diving experience

Michał Grabowski

Every archaeologist in our underwater team is also a certified commercial diver with extensive experience in a variety of underwater work. Thanks to knowledge and skills the team gained in that profession, we are able to run the research on the highest level of work safety. Whenever possible and necessary we use surface air supply system, full face masks with communication, or even diving helmets to make our underwater survey more efficient and safe. Our experience also helps us to swiftly cooperate with commercial divers during archaeological supervision.






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