Digital Archaeology







Hydroacoustic methods are some of the best ways to locate underwater archaeological remains. Side scan sonars, multibeam sonars or sub bottom profilers give us opportunity not only to find but also to make preliminary documentation of archaeological sites, wrecks or any underwater structures. At Digital Archaeology we use our experience in underwater survey to properly interpret hydroacoustic data. We are also able to create geo-referenced side scan sonar mosaic images, compatible with GIS (Geographic Information System) standards.



CAD / Vector Drawings

When archaeology became part of the global industrial services it was clear that archaeological documentation and databases must be coherent with the engineering and architectural standards. Compatible format of drawings and site plans play a crucial role in using archeological surveys results in planning industrial investments. The documentation prepared by Digital Archaeology corresponds to CAD and GIS standards and enables processing and detailed examination of provided archaeological database.




3D Printing

Another service of Digital Archaeology is 3D printing. After the creation of a digital 3D model of archaeological object we are able to create its detailed copy in plastic thanks to 3D printing. This technology gives us an amazing opportunity to create exact copies of small artefacts and scaled copies of large objects or even whole archaeological sites. Our high-detailed 3D prints can be used for education or exhibition purposes as well as an attachment to traditional documentation.






Video Presentations and Short Documentary

Nowadays internet videos are one of the most popular way to communicate with the society. Short films about cultural heritage can be posted on websites, blogs and also shared in social media. Professionally made video-reports can be a great attachment to an archaeological documentation and can serve as a great visual material during conferences or lectures. Our interest in the art of filmmaking led us to creating videos in forms of video reports, presentations or even short documentaries. Together with our clients we help to distribute the scientific knowledge in an accessible manner for all kinds of recipients.








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